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Chiropractic care

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Improves Mobility

Known to reduce stiffness

When stiffness is reduced, joints move with more ease making movements such as walking, jogging or bending easier. Good mobility improves your ability to exercise which subsequently brings other benefits.

More Restful Sleep

Proven to improve quality of sleep

Small sublaxations can be the cause of your pain which can reduce your ability to get to sleep and impair your quality of sleep. Subluxations also put pressure on the nervous system, causing disturbances in the body.

Reduced need for pain medication

reduce sick days

Back pain is the second most common reason for sick leave. Chiropractic reduces back pain, therefore reducing the need for painkillers and sick leave.

Reduce osteoarthritis

Reduces physical stresses causing inflammation

When the spinal joints become stiff the body and other joints are placed under much more pressure than they can deal with. Chiropractic ensures all joints are working evenly, which can improve arthritis and even reduce the risk of it occuring.

Improves nerve health

spinal subluxations reduce nerve flow

Chiropractic adjustments remove spinal subluxations. Subluxations can be the cause of nerve irritation which can reduce the nerves ability to function and cause nerve pain




Chiropractic consultation

Initial Consultation including full medical history and full chiropractic examination.
- Report of findings, explaining the problem and the root and cause of the problem.
- Individualised plan of care based on our findings.
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what our clients say

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"On arriving at the clinic I felt very welcomed by all the member of the staff especially Greg. I then received a thorough examination of my problems and felt very advised about my situation and in safe hands. Thanks to Greg, with the combination of professional advise and the first couples of adjustments, I started to feel a lot better. I would thoroughly recommend Greg Newman to anyone who is considering seeing a professional due to any of their own issues.
Thanks again."


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"I was recommended to go and see Greg of Acorn Chiropractic having suffered from back and neck issues for a number of years. He had successfully treated my wife’s severe sciatica. I started feeling the benefits after less than two months and with a continued plan of treatment ongoing I can fully recommend him."


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"After being introduced to chiropractic, I was nervous at the thought of being adjusted, despite having poor posture and regular back pain. However Greg was calming and professional in his approach and having had regular adjustments from him for 2 years I now wouldn’t want to go without. I now recognise the importance of maintaining regular care of my body and as a result of being adjusted by Greg, my posture has significantly improved and the back aches I used to experience have disappeared."


"I always feel great after an adjustment by Greg. He has a professional and kind manner with his adjustments being gentle/comfortable."


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"I have been with Acorn Chiropractic for three months and there has been an 80% improvement in my shoulders whereas before there was little movement in the shoulders, arms and hands. I can now move all three. I am very pleased with my progress."


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"I was referred to Greg due to a neck and shoulder pain. A GP and physio had failed to resolve the issues. Greg is great at listening and diagnosing problems. My issues have been resolved with real success.He’s also taught me how to resolve lesser issues by myself (muscle stretches etc). I’d encourage anyone to see Greg for Chiropractic issues."


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"Over a period of two years I have experienced discomfort in my lower back which had an impact on my daily fitness regime of road running."

"Greg  was able to provide me with an accurate analysis of my back problems and through his professional care and treatment of my back pain I am pleased to say that the problems that I had with my back have greatly improved and through the ongoing programme of adjustments that Greg has given to me I have been able to resume my daily fitness regime without any further back problems."


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