Our vision

My vision is for every person under my care to be in control of their health.

I believe that by promoting the importance of longevity and regular maintenance care, prevention of injury to the spine and body is significantly improved, ensuring your body reaches its maximum potential.

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Greg Newman

Head Chiropractor

MChiro from University of South Wales

I have a big passion in helping people recover from long lasting injuries which have been holding them back in their own ways by diving deep into the cause of the injury. I love to hear stories of people achieving their goals through chiropractic care.


I have a big interest in sports (mainly rugby and weightlifting) but since rupturing my bicep which needed surgery my focus has been on looking after my body whilst still trying to push my limits in the gym. I am a keen weightlifter with a big interest in strongman and powerlifting. I use chiropractic as part of my health routine and training plan to improve my longevity but also maximise my body’s ability to produce as much strength as it can.